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BBC’s Primeval and the Truth Behind Time Storms

Posted in Rotten with tags , on September 13, 2008 by davehurwitz

If you’ve tuned into BBC America lately, you’ve seen their new series Primeval. In short, the premise is that holes in time start appearing in England (so far only England, and specifically London). Prehistoric creatures pop out and wreak havoc in Briton. They have even hit some more realistic scenarios, with prehistoric diseases from a group of dodos.

Time travel is accomplished by “holes” torn in the fabric of time and space. They appear on screen as a glowing burst of light, a little like a gigantic flashlight shining to our reality. Orbiting around this portal are hundreds of glass-like shards, slivers of space-time reality.

Is this fiction? Of course. Can time travel be accomplished at all? The answer, at least theoretically, is yes.

Frank Tipler theorized the design for a time machine back in 1974, based on a hypothetical hyperdense cylinder. Apparently a hyperdense cylinder is infinitely long (a little difficult to fit into a Delorean) or filled with negative energy (so far, only theoretical). All this requires more than the average TV viewer can digest.

Now, could rips in the time-space fabric be already happening on Earth? So far, dinosaurs aren’t romping through London, or any other city. But time distortions could exist without having time travel.

Take Jenny Randles’s article, “Time Storms”, written for the latest issue of Fortean Magazine (issue 240). Here she postulates that many of our UFO encounter stories may in fact be encounters with so-called time storms.

One account comes from January 1976, the height of UFO media hype. A young girl, whom Randles calls Shirley, was coming home from work in Bolton. She saw two swirling misty lights low over a reservoir. As they closed in, she experienced a sudden increase in gravity, as if some pressure were pressing down from above. Her teeth came alive with vibrations. After the incident, all the fillings in her upper teeth crumbled to powder and fell out. Several lower fillings had been pressed down to hard that they embedded themselves in her gum (requiring extensive dental work to fix).

She also experienced a slow down of time. At lease 30 minutes passed as if in an instant. Common UFO advocates would say this was “lost time,” but this could easily be a jump forward of 30 minutes.

Hours after the incident, she became sick and vomited. She also developed a rash on all the exposed skin, red or purplish in color. These are the incidents that intrigue me the most. None of the time travel shows have ever explored the ramifications of time travel on the human body. X-Files and the short lived Theshold came close.

Chris Kalidor