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Help! My Uncle’s a Zombie

Posted in Book Review with tags , , , , , , on April 24, 2011 by davehurwitz

So there are a lot of zombie stories out there. I mean the publishing industry is nosediving. Correlation? Who knows. What I like to see is someone who can take a tend and spin it. Not all zombies want to eat you. Heck, dead people don’t even eat, so why should zombies? A real undead story (unless it’s voodoo), should have corpses come back to life. The whole eating the dead thing is more ghoul. Check out how Romero put together Night of the Living Dead. He actually made ghouls, not zombies. But that’s another article all together.

I recently read “Moth and Rust” by Tim Kane. He managed to breathe new life into a dead (pardon the pun) genre. The story begins with Uncle Peter dying. But he didn’t stay dead. He had chores to do, so he kept on moving.

The twist comes from the point of view character. Obviously a kid, probably eleven or twelve. He just wants to hang out with his uncle. He couldn’t care less that Uncle Peter is dead. It’s the chores that are killing him for the second time.

Some readers might find this story actually disturbing. Sure, you’re used to blood and guts. But when a kid’s involved, some people get squeamish. For the record, this story has no gore at all. A smooched lemon. That’s it.

What it does have is creepy. And lots of it. Everything Uncle Peter touches rusts. Moths cluster on his sweater, rambling around. Breath that smells like rotting milk.

This is a good read. Scoot over to NevermetPress and give it a read.

Chris Kalidor