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Why are Fanboys so Thickheaded about Wolverine?

Posted in Rotten with tags , on April 4, 2009 by davehurwitz

I’m looking forward to the new Wolverine movie. Apparently, multitudes of fanboys are not. They have been tearing this movie apart since before it went into production. Why, you ask? Mainly because the costumes aren’t right. Yes, that’s it. And recently, to top it off, a rough cut of the movie has been leaked and is currently making rounds on the Internet.

Wolverine in yellow and blue spandex

Wolverine in yellow and blue spandex

The FBI, Motion Picture Association of American and 20th Century Fox are rabid to find out who exactly leaked a rough cut of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. They vow to prosecute that person “to the fullest extent of the law.”

There’s even talk of the fanboys boycotting the Wolverine movie (although some of this had to do with Fox’s holding up Watchmen in court).

Now, lets examine the costume problem. In the comics, Wolverine is dressed in his trademark yellow and blue duds with that pointy mask. This costume was fine for the 1970s when he first appeared (Incredible Hulk #180, October 1974).

Now, honestly, if you follow the wolverine character, would someone with his personality ever dress in something so ridiculous? The comics have a tradition to uphold, but once it jumps to film, they can update the outfit, as they did for the X-men movies.

What fanboys fail to realize is that by moving to film, a whole new audience is opened up to the character. And film is always different from the comics.

Let me give you a personal example. I’m a HUGE Fantastic Four fan. My car is an orange Saturn

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

Vue with the license plate THING F4 (All other iterations of thing, grimm, and Clobberin Time were taken). I have all the issues of FF from #32 and up. I’ve seen the horrific John Buscema years and the brilliant John Byrne issues.

So, of course, I was anxious to see the Fantastic Four movie. I had heard that originally it would be Peyton Reed doing a 60s spoof of the team, which might have been good. I knew that they couldn’t do any worse than the 1994 version made by Roger Corman.

So was I wowed by the final 2005 film. No. But it capture the sorrow of the Thing and the “family” dynamics of the team. I think they made a mistake with Doom, but ultimately the film worked as a whole.

There are certain limitations to each genre. Could a two-hour film sum up 400 issues of Fantastic Four history? No. But they were able to add elements in the film that the comics never could. Often, the issues of the FF I had the most trouble reading were the ones solely devoted to the family dynamics with little action. But the movie can have scenes that work. Chris Evans, though he didn’t look or sound like the Human Torch, brought to the screen the bravado and suave of the character.

So looking back to Wolverine. Yes, I’ve collected many of the comics, though I’m by no means a number one fan. However Hugh Jackman has certainly captured the character on screen. Although the X-men films fell down in several places, Wolverine remained the highlights.

2005 Fantastic Four

2005 Fantastic Four

An in terms of costumes, which do you think a real life Logan would wear? Come on, yellow and blue spandex?

Chris Kalidor