Supernatural’s New War in Heaven

The Angel Castiel

The Angel Castiel

I always like to see angels duking it out. In the latest episode of Supernatural (Head of a Pin), the secret is revealed and angels are killing angels. It’s nice to see angels portrayed as badasses once again. Also, that they themselves are not infallible.

The Seventh Seal

The Seventh Seal

If you haven’t followed the series, you should. I could praise the show, but it’s better just to have you watch it. In this season (season 4), the plot arc centers around breaking the 66 seals and thus release Lucifer. This isn’t a new plotline. Check out The Seventh Seal (with Demi Moore).

Having angels turn to the dark side also isn’t new. The 1995 film, The Prophecy, has Christopher Walken as the angel Gabriel. He journeys to Earth to find a human soul that can end the war in heaven.

In Supernatural, it turns out that the angels, led by Uriel, one of the four archangels, wants to release Lucifer. It’s not to stop a war in heaven, but rather to start one. Uriel and others consider God to be an absentee landlord. (Check the quote from The Devil’s Advocate). Uriel wants Lucifer to lead the pack again.

Some interesting aspects in the series is how to kill an angel. The television series has us believe that only an angel can kill an angel. Uriel brandishes “The Sword of Lucicer”. This is most likely a made up weapon. The only sword I’ve heard of mentioned is the sword of St. Michael.

When I put in a search on “how to kill an angel” on interesting post floated to the top. It mentioned that angels were mortal on Earth (which makes sense). This post claimed that a perfume was the only thing that could harm an angel:

The Egyptians had a perfume called qeres that was used during mummification to provide the first ‘sweet breathe’ of the afterlife. Qeres is extremely rare substance because its recipe has been lost, but small amounts still exist. this perfume is a lethal poison to an angel (fallen or otherwise), and if poured over, say, the blade of a knife, could in fact terminate an angel.

Most of this is probably hokum, but it sounds interesting. Whether Supernatural will really tackle the “End of the World” remains to be seen. More so, where would the series go after this? How can you top Armageddon?

Chris Kalidor

2 Responses to “Supernatural’s New War in Heaven”

  1. I’ve been thinking about this very topic myself. If you read your Bible, you know that angels are capable of some really horrible shit. Killing all the first born children of Egypt. Turning Sodom into a smoking hole in the Earth. Not to mention escorting Adam and Eve out of Eden. As the protagonist of The Prophecy asks, “Would you really ever want to meet such a being?” Caitlin R. Kiernan has written an excellent series of stories (recently collected in book called Alabaster) about a young girl sent by angels to slay monsters. Kiernan’s angels reek of lemons and ammonia. They speak in voices of thunder and rent metal. Fire bleeds from their swords. Yet they send a girl to do their dirty work. There’s an old saying that goes, “I don’t believe in the Devil, but I fear him.” I’m an atheist. I don’t believe in angels. But yes, I fear them.

  2. The devil itself is an angel -.-

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