Edward Cullen, Angel, Louis, Barnabas and Blacula (The Evolution of the Caring Vampire)

Jonathan Fritz as Barnabas Collins

Jonathan Fritz as Barnabas Collins

It all started with a mistake. Vampires were supposed to be evil. Spawns of the night. Supernatural fiends. At least this had been the norm for a great deal of the genre. This all changed in the spring of 1967, when a third rated ABC sought to boost ratings on it’s soap opera Dark Shadows by introducing Barnabas Collins, a vampire.

He was intended for only one season, and like his predecessors, was to be villainous. Afterward, torrents of mail kept the character alive. A Van Helsing type character, Dr. Julian Hoffman, was added to hunt and destroy the vampire. However a typo changed the character to Julia, filled by actress Grayson Hall.

The show finally developed a love triangle, with Julia in love with Barnabas (played by Jonathan Frid), and the vampire pining away for his reincarnated love, Josette (played by Kathryn Leigh Scott). Suddenly the vampire took the lead role, even entering hero status.

The first movie to capitalize on this new trend was Blacula. Yes, Blacula. Sure it’s filled with incredibly dated attire (the vampire hardly stands out in his cape), but it also had the superb acting of William Marshall to hold it together. A similar storyline of a lost love reincarnated drives the vampire. Ultimately, his love perishes. Rather than go on living without her, Blacula destroys himself through exposure to sunlight.

William Marshall as Blacula

William Marshall as Blacula

Now, there could no more sympathetic vampire than Anne Rice’s Louis. Suddenly the entire story revolves around the vampire. He is the main character, the hero, the reason for the story. Louis (played by Brad Pitt) struggles with his vampirism. In the “Special Introduction” to the DVD for Interview with the Vampire, she states, “I wanted you to fall in love with the vampire and see things through his eyes.”

Brad Pitt as Louis in Interview with the Vampire

Brad Pitt as Louis in Interview with the Vampire

Fast forward to a new television series setting a teenage cheerleader against hordes of vampires. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was born. Angel (played by David Boreanaz) is different from the spawn that seek to drain humans like so many Capri Suns. He is cursed, giving him a conscience of sorts. Additionally, he becomes a romantic interest to Buffy, though it is a relationship they can never consummate. The curse that keeps Angel tame would also be reversed should he ever achieve true happiness.

Angel and Buffy

Angel and Buffy

This tortured relationship is the main thrust of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight novel. Edward Cullen (played by Robert Pattinson) is a self-proclaimed “vegetarian” vampire, feeding only on animals (much like Louis). He and Bella Swan (played by Kristen Stewart) engage in a boiling romance that can never come to fruition. Edward must fight every instinct not to eat the girl (falling into much the same trap as Angel and Buffy).


Edward Cullen sparkling in the sunlight

Edward Cullen sparkling in the sunlight

So when you read or watch Twilight, think about the vampires that came before, and led to development of the caring, hunky vampire that is Edward Cullen.

Chris Kalidor

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7 Responses to “Edward Cullen, Angel, Louis, Barnabas and Blacula (The Evolution of the Caring Vampire)”

  1. LOL. Twilight’s vampire Edward Cullen is different among all vampire movies. Well, I think its about time for a change of view that not all vampires are monsters. Edward Cullen is the cutest and hottest vampire ever! Funny thing cos he didn’t bite a human’s neck, instead a vampire’s neck. LOL

  2. I just love how intense Edward and Bellas love is! i wonder if humans can actually feel such an intense love and desire where only a meer look can send u into fainting spells lol! This story also now sets very high standards for me! lol I’ve always loved vampires, how they are so elegant and strickingly beautiful…hate blood but love vampires haha!

  3. You all must be absolutely insane. Edward and the “Cullens” have ruined a whole species of fictional creatures. Sparkling? Honestly? To think that people actually enjoy this ridiculous book/movie. Stephanie Meyers is a joke and a disgrace to the writing community. She disgusts me.
    The other supposed vampires can be offensive also, but I find Louis different. Yes he did drink animal blood but stopped as soon as he was pushed to the limits and beyond. He has more hardships than just falling in love with a foolish clumsy mortal that has a lack of a personality.
    I say to you that the Twilight Saga should have never been written. And this is my own personal opinion.

  4. I have to disagree with Ed Hardy Toys… Angel’s the cutest, hottest vampire ever! 🙂
    And although I enjoyed the ‘Twilight’ series of novels, there are things about them that I didn’t enjoy… one is the “sparkling skin” that ‘Aisha mentioned… I mean… come on… also the being able to go out in daylight… why is it someone always comes along and feels like they not only do they have a right, but an absolute duty, to change the accepted norms for something?

  5. I think Angel is the best vampire I ever saw! He is beautiful, misterious, hot, sexy, has his own fight with himself (Angel and Angelus), is trained to wars…
    And I know why I love David Boreanaz, because he is awesome, the best, smart, everything good in the universe. Look at Angel’s face and you will be in a deep think, do you don’t think he is more pretty than Edward or another vampire?

  6. What about THE BOOK Vampire Diaries? The show is a joke yes. BUT I am in love with Damon Salvitore (from the book).

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