Huang Chuncai recovers after surgery – visits home

After first writing about Huang Chuncai (April 20 and June 27) I had no idea how little information there was on this man. His first surgery is well documented. However, the information following this is scarce. My previous attempt at an update led me to glom onto two photos that were not accurate. A comment by “racliu” gave me a website in Chinese. This was what I needed. i used Google to translate this into English. Then I grabbed a bit of text that had Huang Chuncai’s name (in the original Chinese) and searched it using Google. I was able to uncover several photos for when Huang visited his home town between the first and second surgery. Also, I’ve done my best to transcribe/translate the Chinese text into a coherent story of the man.

Huang Chuncai was born in 1976 in the village of Yulan, in China’s southern province of Hunan. He has four brothers and sisters, and is the second oldest. Even at a month old, his father, Huang Bao, noticed that the head was distorted. Otherwise the boy was no different form other people.

He first developed his sarcoma, or malignant tumor, when he was four. The physical deformity taxed his spirit, and the other villagers became shy around him. He attended elementary school up to the age of seven, third grade. As time went on, the other students alienated him, calling him a monster.

By ten-years-old, he was abandoned by the people of the villiage and ridiculed. Huang left home less and less often. He recalls being terribly bored at home. Sometimes he sould take a stroll around the village or go fishing at the river. However most of his time was spent locked inside his home. By 21, he had spent most of his life indoors.

By 31-years-old, Huang’s tumor drooped almost to his navel. The weight of the 15 kg sarcoma curved the spine in his back, causing a hunch. His left eye was lost as the tissue surrounding it sagged down his face. His left ear hung down near his shoulder. The upper and lower jaw cannot bite together. Huang kept his teeth up to 20-years old. But by age 25, they had been stripped. Today, the 31-year-old Huang has almost lost all hearing and capability of speech.

A reporter brought a tape measure and found the tumor to be 57-centimeters long (97 cm in circumference). Take into consideration that Huang was only 135 cm tall.
Finally the Fuda Hospital, in Guangzhou, agreed to do several operations for free. Huang’s first surgery was in July 2007. After removing 15 kg of tissue, Huang was released and allowed to return to his home.

After and eight hour journey, Huang was exhausted. Family members were excited to see his return. The villagers said that the tumor appeared smaller and that he looked much better. Huang was concerned with the next step of the surgery, which had greater risk. This was to remove the roots of the tumor with abundant blood vessels.

Even though the operation was free, Huang was concerned over the cost. The hospital and the contributions of the staff covered the 140,000 yuan (about $20,000) operation. The second surgery would be more complex and cost even more.

Huang arriving home after his first surgery

Huang arriving home after his first surgery


Huang Chancai with his father, Huang Bao

Huang Chancai with his father, Huang Bao

Huang with one of the doctors who performed the operation

Huang with one of the doctors who performed the operation

Huang sitting with a child

Huang sitting with a child

Huang did go back for a second surgery in January. On February 28, the Guangzhou-Cancer Hospital announced that it was a success. The doctors were able to remove about 4.5 kg of the tumor. British BBC television, the Philippines television, “The Vietnamese Times”, and The Associated Press reported the news to the world.

Dr. Niu said the success of this operation means that their treatment has been a complete success. Huang only gradually recovered from the operation. He is considering a third operation. After recovering, Huang Chuncai returned to his village.

Judging by the size of the tumor, I believe this photo was taken after his second surgery.

Judging by the size of the tumor, I believe this photo was taken after his second surgery.

Chris Kalidor

30 Responses to “Huang Chuncai recovers after surgery – visits home”

  1. […] Huang Chuncai Update: Surgery Successful I have added this revision as an update to this post. The comment by “K Alton” is correct. The first photo is of a man called Geng Libo. The second is Ou Gulfeng. Neither are Huang Chuncai. But, though the comment left by “racliu”, I’ve been able to uncover more information, and photos, about Huang Chuncai. Visit the updated post. […]

  2. If you go to the Fuda Cancer Hospital website, you can get details of how to donate money for this patient.

  3. Here is the link : for the Fuda Cancer Hospital website, China. It has relevant bank account details for donations.


    through the link provided by someone in the original post, I noticed that the caption of the photo of him after the second operation reads “Huang and his lovely daughter”, is that true? does he has a daughter? It would be amazing if so, cause she is truly adorable.

  5. I know it’s only a profile shot, but he seems to look so much better after his second surgery. I’m glad he’s getting the help he needs.

  6. The photo of the man holding up the little girl is not Huang, because Huang’s left eye is gone and that man still has his.

    In time there’ll be more photos of Huang as his condition improves and his life becomes more manageable. We must keep praying for him.

  7. i would love to know if he has undergone his third operation as i believe it is a year since his second.
    i have just seen his story on tv and was left feeling like i needed to know how he was going and what he looks like today and has he been able to do something now that brings him great happiness. his story was so very sad yet inspiring and def put things into perspective.regards

  8. Medical technology is improving out of sight in many areas.
    Hopefully Huang will be given the chance to go on to lead a long and happy life – and all because some fine and talented human beings cared enough to try.
    I say there needs to be more of this throughout the world.

  9. the last picture is really amazing,his face is becoming much better!!!is it really his photo after his second sergery???and when he will have his third one??please answer me

  10. Emanuel Says:

    There will be a televison show on Huang tonight on Discover Channel

  11. kayleeln Says:

    The last photo of the man holding the child couldn’t possibly be Huang. His back is severely disfigured and this man’s spine seems straight.

  12. Grace Chen Says: didn’t specify the bank address, no phone numbers either, how can I donate to his man? Anyone knows?


    This is in Chinese, but pictures are there.

    Grace, I e-mailed the bank to ask them how to deposit money. Hopefully I’ll hear back soon and will post to let you know!

  14. Luis Osvaldo Says:

    Huang in the special of natgeo seemed a boy and he had a hump in the back, this man seems to be other, also, the eye with which could see was the right and in the picture this looking with the left eye, hee wanted to know that I pass with Huang, the special of natgeo made me want to know but on this topic, please write the I finish that they know about Huang, thank you, I am from Argentina, and I would be happy a lot of knowledge that the man in the picture is Huang

  15. I can not believe that none of these are pictures from after his THIRD surgery. It was scheduled for late 2008, he is still alive and it is 2010 and there are no pictures of him or updates. Can that be right?!?!?!

  16. CatholicDenise Says:

    Lilli, I think it may have something to do with the bans placed on the internet in China. I’d like to know, too, how he is doing, but we may just have to be patient for a long time. Meanwhile, we can all keep him in our prayers. 🙂

  17. i hinkthat he looks soooooooo much better after the second surgery. i am very happy that he is making progress! say strong! 🙂

  18. I saw a special recently on Huang Chuncai. I have tried to look for recent articles, regarding the outcomes of his surgeries, but have found none. Can someone tell me if the 3rd surgery was a success and is there a way to contact him. On one last note I agree with a comments and observations done here by another reader ( luis osvaldo) . I look forward to any new updates.

  19. I saw a documentary on him about ayear ago. I am wondering how he is doing. Does anyone have any information?

  20. Thanks for finding more info on Huang!

  21. It is been over a year that i last heard of Huang,i want to know if he is in good condition now,has he undergone the third surgery,does he still need donations?

  22. Denise Z Says:

    Cannot find any further information about Huang. Would like to know what happend.

  23. kimberlyn Says:

    i really hope he gets through with all his surgery so he could live a normal life without people staring at him where ever he goes.keep staying strong huang you’ll get better soon until then i’ll keep checking if your on online. just pray and have fun o.k love kim

  24. 2012 and nothing to be found about Huang Chuncai. I wonder what happened to him. Has he undergone the 3-rd surgery? was it ok? is he fine/better? Why the silence and no news about him? I am sure that there are surgeons great surgeons in the world willing to do their best to help him, why only that hospital in China? If anyone has any info on the present life of this poor poor soul please share. His case impressed me deeply. I hope he is better. I hope he still lives.And that he has a life to live.

  25. He died In 2011 from complications and infection following second surgery.

  26. Robin Drake Says:

    Huang Chuncai lives! According to a Reuters video report, noted in an article posted 10/16/12 (, this man’s most recent (third?) surgery was successful. A photo in the article shows Huang Chuncai, now 35. The right side of his face is much reduced in size.

  27. JUstice Says:

    i think that he looks kinda ugly i would be scared of him if i saw him

    • Why would u write something like that JUstice. Either your a dumb little kid, or u haven’t grown up and most likely will never grow up. Total dickhead you are.

  28. ugliness is not about what we see outside of a person.. its what is inside a person… we see its fruit in the words that come out of our mouths and in our never ever hurts to show some compassion..try it you will like it…

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